Consulting services in the field of agricultural supplies provide a comprehensive and specialized set of services that aim to support farmers and those interested in the agricultural sector in achieving sustainable success and increasing productivity. These consulting services equip clients with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with agricultural inputs and farm-to-harvest planning.

Agricultural supplies consulting services include a wide range of fields, including:

1. Selection of crops and seeds: Consultation experts help in selecting suitable crops and seeds according to the surrounding environment, land and weather conditions.

2. Land and soil husbandry: Providing advice on how to prepare and improve soil to ensure better plant growth and increased productivity.

3. Use of pesticides and fertilizers: Providing guidance on the use of pesticides and fertilizers in effective and safe ways to ensure reducing negative impacts on the environment and public health.

4. Water Management: Provide strategies to control water use efficiently through proper irrigation system and water retention techniques.

5. Protection from pests and diseases: Providing information on identifying potential pests and diseases and how to prevent and control them.

6. Use of modern agricultural techniques: Providing guidance on the use of innovative techniques such as hydroponics, organic agriculture, and soilless farming techniques.

7. **Planning farms and agricultural spaces:** Helping clients plan and organize the farm and utilize space efficiently.

8. Improving Productivity: Providing strategies to increase productivity through improved farming operations and better resource management.

The quality of agricultural supplies consulting services depends on the consultants’ experience and deep knowledge in the field of agriculture. These services aim to improve farm performance and increase profitability, in addition to contributing to achieving environmental and economic sustainability in the agricultural sector.

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