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about us

Safety Side Pesticides is a producing company that specializes in manufacturing agricultural, veterinary, and public health pesticides, both liquid and powder. It also owns the Spain Chemicals Factory, which is a factory specialized in manufacturing special fertilizers that contain nitrate forms (calcium nitrate – potassium nitrate – magnesium nitrate) and also manufactures all liquid and solid ground and foliar fertilizers that are quick to dissolve and absorb in more than one form of the compound, with high-quality and registered specifications. At the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture. (The company was founded in 2007)

أهداف الشركة

  1. Producing and exporting high quality and environmentally safe products while applying standard specifications in the field of pesticides, fertilisers, fertilisers, and vital natural extracts of various types.
  2. Producing the best types of fertilizers through the Spanish Chemicals Factory with high quality specifications that exceed.
    Helping farmers face future global challenges by giving farmers agricultural solutions through agricultural consultations that work to increase production and advance the agricultural field.
  3. Providing a collective, healthy and safe work environment in which employees feel the importance of belonging and the spirit of teamwork.
  4. Participation of all company employees in continuous improvement and development programs. Paying attention to the specific desire of customers while maintaining the quality of the product.
    Compliance with specialized laws and regulations, as well as environmental, safety and occupational health legislation.
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